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Monica Carrero was born in Bogotá, Colombia.  From an early age she began her love story with the world of arts. Daughter of an impressionist and expressionist artist  Hernando Carrero , who likes to paint the human figure, nature and animals, as well as also involved in interior design.


Her passion for art was born while they shared time in they art studio doing works of art and is also carried in the blood by her paternal grandmother who was also an artist. She liked to paint ceramics, porcelains and flowers on canvas, as well as the fashion design. Also as a little girl  her mother inscribed her always in art classes such as theater, music and dance so it is a gift that is carried in the blood genetically.


She grew up in contact with different types of materials and paintings, which finally recreated the imagination of her mind and soul. Upon knowing the complexity of his father's art, she soon began to create works of art using various techniques and materials with great admiration for the forms, details and compositions. Her purpose and style in the works of art is to mix reality with the abstract,  sending a message to the world through them, with a symbology of profound messages. Her deep and emotional concept in relation to the human spirit made her achieve and innovate a unique style. As a result, she continues to express her imagination in visual works of art, reflecting his exploration, using symbols and expressions with exotic materials such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, wire, copper, leather, paint on canvas and many others.

Monica has flourished in her own development as an artist. Her art has been exhibited in galleries and art exhibitions in Florida as well as being interviewed for her works of art and merits in her social works for humanity. It is her truly artistic art in every sense of the word, since it is entirely handmade with a high and difficult technique that has captured the attention of critics, inspiration and recognition for its depth and originality.


In this way, she managed to sell her works of art in different parts of the world such as the United States, Morocco, Mexico and Colombia, reaching an international recognition in her evolution as an artist and human being for her heart and desire to help humanity. Through her art sales she makes donations to help children in need, affected by violence and sexual abuse as well as she likes to support and help animals.


 I want that my works of art made entirely by hand to have their own energy and their own personality.  My work is of a modern contemporary style that in turn finds influence and inspiration in materials and ancient techniques that are still alive through time. I create my works of art with great love and passion.


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